Implementing Effective Website Navigation

December 10th, 2009 by admin

Loading your web pages every visitor must have a possibility to navigate your website at ease; otherwise he will leave soon with probably no wish to come back. That is why implementing effective navigation is an essential task for you. But it needs a thorough preparation which implies several important aspects to take into account.

1.      Information structure

Before planning your website navigation you must decide on the architecture of the information you are going to provide within your web pages, e.g. the particular sections your site will consist of. Your site information structure depends on the purpose of your website and the goal you are willing to achieve. For example, if you own a business website the main elements will include the About Us page, section with products and services you offer, page for customer support issues etc. Personal websites are usually divided into sections which contain information about the author, its interests and preferences and other content which is to your personal taste.

2.      Organization

After you have identified the structure of your website you must think over the way you will organize the information. It is up to you to decide whether you want all your website data to be presented within a single page and have links and references which will redirect to the necessary sections, or you will create special sub-pages with different directories. Organizing your site information you should think about the way your visitors will find the necessary content and provide them with corresponding facilities to search for the information they are looking for.

3.      Navigation design

As you have made up your mind about navigation structure and organization it is high-time to get occupied with your website navigation design. This task implies several important aspects you must obligatory pay attention to. First, you should make your site navigation as accessible as possible since it is the most significant part of any site page. So it is better not to make use of too much Flash or JavaScript in order not to spoil your navigation presentation.

Apart from making your website navigation accessible you must make it meaningful as well. This aspect implies clear links which will have understandable name and lead the visitors to the proper pages. Try to avoid using images for your site navigation but in case you still use them add an associated text for the user to understand what it is for.

Design your website navigation in the way it appears on every page. Thus you will provide your site visitors with fast, easy and comprehensible browsing they will definitely appreciate.

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