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August 31st, 2009 by admin

Off page search engine optimization influences your site rankings not less than on page SEO techniques. Being implemented outside your website off page optimization deals with strategies you can use after your site has already seen the light and helps to improve its performance in search engines according to the needed keywords.

Off page SEO deals with link popularity building which implies the number of back links your site receives and predetermines your Page Rank. In order to check the link popularity your website currently has you can make use of special free online tools which will show who links to your site. But you should mind that it is not enough to get reciprocal links, when you link to somebody and get link in response, your website should be linked unilaterally. This is not so easy to do but still possible, for example by providing exclusive, useful and relevant content within your website, which in its turn is the strategy of on page SEO and is the most efficient way to invite other sites link to your source. But there are some other useful methods of building links, such as the following.

1. Article marketing.
This strategy implies writing articles and submitting them to special article directories which exist in great variety on the web. Posting an article there you need to provide some information about yourself and share your website link. If the article is accepted it is published within a directory. Mind that a lot of article directories have high page rank, which means that if your website will be linked from such directory it will increase your own ranking as well. You can do a submission on your own, find the directories and send your articles there. But if you don’t have time for that you can request an article submission service and for a certain amount of money you will have your articles submitted up to 200 directories.

2. Forum marketing.
You can find a lot of communities and forums on the web that are connected with the field your website is dedicated to. You could easily join them and promote your site with their help. The process is quite simple - you register on one of such forums and paste your website link in the signature box of your profile, then post messages within the forum and with your every message the link will appear above it.

3. Advertising.
There is a new method of promoting your website with links provided by the website which page rank reaches 7 score. All you need to do is visit that website and select the category corresponding your website topic, after that post an advertisement containing your site link. Even if no one will read the ad you have left search engines will see your site as from PR7 website and that is all that really matters.

4. Triangular links.
As you may already know Google disdains reciprocal links but there is a chance for you to make use of another trick - triangular links. in order to accomplish it you need to find two or more users who will agree to collaborate and try it. The thing is User 1 links to the User’s 2 website from his page, User 2 in his turn links to the User’s 3 site from his page, and User 3 may link to User’s 1 website. This technique will work in the same way that reciprocal link exchange but search engines are not able to figure it out yet.

5. Social networks.
Nowadays there is a lot of social networking websites and communities for the users to share everything they are interested in. You can simply create a profile on one of such websites and find other members who seek for the topic your website covers. You can tell them about your website and especially if they are looking for the very services you offer.

So these are the main off page SEO strategies you can implement in order to make the page rank of your web pages higher.

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  1. Does anybody know if links from ppc advertising (link google adwords) would help your site rank higher?

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